Raymond Francis Karpinski

Raymond Francis Karpinski passed away on the 15 of August, 2014. He was born in Peabody Mass. December 15, 1939. He was preceded in death by his parents Mary and Harry Karpinski.

Raymond Karpinski served I. The Navy for 24 years. He began as an E-1 and rose through the ranks where he retired as an E-9, Master Chief of all Naval Communications. He served in the Philippines, Morocco, California, Alaska, England, Norfolk, VA. Greece, and Washington D.C. He earned a Masters of Business Management at Corpus Christi State University. He worked for the Navy as a civil service employee from 1983-2005 and retired in Florida.

(Beloved wife, Family and Grandchildren)

Beloved Wife – Angelina Karpinski
Annette Karpinski, Stacy Grover, David W. Khamo, Joseph E. Khamo and Darrell K. Karpinski.
Jordan Karpinski, Monique and Mia Grover, Isaac and Elijah Khamo.

Three sisters Natalia Mega, Linda Lincoln and Janet Espanos

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